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Presented by Gloria Murray Award Winning Accountant, Business Advisor & Coach



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Monthly Mentoring Groups (Members Only)

If you would like to grow your business sustainably, increase your profit and want to meet and mix with like minded business owners and entrepreneurs call Gerry for more information on 0141 363 0383.


Transform Your Business in A Day - Thursday 16th March

As a smart business owner refining or even remodelling your business is a thing you need to do... and often!

But how do you go about it?

Well I'm going to show you in just one day!

In this all day workshop I show you how to identify the important numbers in your business to help you make more money. You'll get real control, feel more confident and you'll see the way forward as I help you to easily understand how to grow your business sustainably and equally important... quickly!

A workshop to get you thinking and moving forward. Book by clicking the link below

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Mentoring Taster Sessions
If you're interested in transforming your business into one that pays the bill regularly, that you can be proud of, that leaves a legacy.Then this is for you. Not only will you get great training on how to run a better business, we'll show you what happens in our mentoring groups and the transformations that take place.

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Throughout 2017, we’re hosting a mix of business events  – don’t miss out!

If 2017 is the year you want to grow your business and help get more financially secure then these workshops and business events are for you.